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A well maintained hedge is often the first impression that a property owner shows to the outside world. Hedges are created to formalise a garden, when not properly maintained the loss of shape detracts immediately from the garden as a whole. Routine hedge maintenance is essential, as it is often not possible to restore hedges back to their intended shape once they have been allowed to grow.

Regardless of the size, amount, or type of hedge we can provide a cost effective means of keeping your hedge in top condition. All work is carried out in the most efficient manner, with safety a paramount concern. Full safety harnesses are used where it is necessary. Hedges over six metres in height will often require a cherry picker.

In addition to hedge maintenance we can also provide a broad range of arboricultural/horticultural services. These include tree pruning and removal, palm defronding, pest and disease diagnosis and general horticultural advice.

Other Services

  • Tree removal
  • Tree pruning
  • Palm defronding
  • Pest and disease diagnosis
  • Plant Growth Regulators (PGR's)
  • General horticultural advice

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